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21 April 2012

Photoshop CS6 Review

Adobe just released the Photoshop CS6 beta, and I must to say, it feels like I’m in web designer’s heaven. They have done serious improvements that will just blow your mind. Here we’ll focus on the great stuff for web designers, ranking the top 7 improvements (including a lot of features) that will just make your life easier.adobe

After so many years, I agree with Jesus Diaz when he says that “For the first time in many years, this one is a must-have update”, not only because of the cool features, but also because now it’s focused in the really important stuff, the things that helps you to get the job done, improved the tools that you use most and that’s pretty much what matters in the end.

The great thing here is not the features update. I mean, we love new features, but the key point is how those updates affects our workflow. And boy, Adobe has made things much easier for us this time, making Photoshop an even better tool to get things done faster and faster.

Let’s take a look at it.

#1 – Performance – Thanks to new Photoshop CS6 graphics engine
Photoshop CS6 Review #2 – Web Design features for image editing – Better tools, new features
 #3 – Shortcuts – Photoshop CS6 has much better visual feedback
 #4 – CSS3 like stuff – Photoshop CS6 “Paragraph styles” and crazy borders
 #5 Layer styles improved – Again, pretty much similar to CSS
 #6 Content-aware move – A.k.a Photoshop CS6 wizardry

     #7 Video – Ditch windows movie maker now
 BONUS: #8 – “One more thing”… A few general improvements