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24 May 2011

Hacker Group Switched to UFO Hoaxing

Worldwide known hacker group Anonymous decided to switch its efforts at hacking off UFO enthusiasts instead of annoying the powerful industry.
Anonymous members have agreed on the date they will start action: on May 22, numerous UFO websites will be flooded with fake reports of a triangular unidentified flying object. The operation was naturally
codenamed “Operation UFO”, and is intended to provide the members of Anonymous group with long hours of entertainment after the story is caught up with the mainstream media. The hackers hope that the story will receive enough attention and become "reality".

Anonymous expect that on May, 23rd, the newspapers will shout about the UFO postings. Moreover, Ghost theory has even opened a book on whether this story will be linked with terrorism, or with the fact that the birth certificate of the US president was signed by ET.

The members of the Anonymous agreed to tell the same story about how they’ve seen "a triangle of about 8 yellow lights in the sky". While the majority of hackers will report the event on specialized websites, the boldest ones are even going to call hotlines. The intent is to create the sudden influx of similar reports, which in its turn will convince UFO enthusiasts that something really is out there. In other words, many people should believe that aliens really want to make contact on Sundays.

The only problem for the hacker group is that all their secret great plans are discussed on the Internet first. Therefore, it would be quite difficult to pull off a surprise. This may end up with the news sites, waiting Anonymous' next DDoS attack, simply writing a story about UFO instead. Meanwhile, if any of the mainstream papers hurry to publish the story without double-checking on it, they would get all they deserve.