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27 March 2009


We don't have to think for a second to shout that rap is not a music. Rap is nothing more than a crap. If you know how to talk you know how to rap.
It is possible to record a complete rap ****** without knowing how to play musical instruments and even without knowing how to sing. Rap is simply a conglomerate of words, usually offensive words, spoken very fast and backed up by a simulated band. A music must have rhythm and rhythm isn't surely a beatbox or a sound created by fisting table. A rap ****** ( Call it anything but not a music or a song) .Opposing rap music (sorry not a music ) surely is not being a racist. Moroever rap is incredibly offensive. There are very few rap songs that do not, in some form or another, mention sex, doing drugs, or even murder. It is mostly concerned with external appearance rather than music. Rap is nothing more than a long beep.
We know that metal and rock are offensive too. But they are still a music. You need a great skill in vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums and lyrics writing too. Even if We consider rap as a music, it is the worst music genre that ever originated.