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8 November 2011

Most Popular Websites in the UK

Experian Hit wise, an online research company, has published a report last week, where it showed the tremendous increase in popularity of online service that are dedicated to sharing video files. The outfit has been conducting the report within a year, starting September last year to this past September. According to its results, websites engaged in video-sharing have accounted for over a third in popularity in the United Kingdom in the past several years. Unsurprisingly, YouTube was right at the top of the list, gaining for around 70% of this new traffic increase.


The conducted research revealed that music became the main reason liable for such massive wave of British Internet users paying their attention to online video-sharing services. According to the results, 33% of the hits were related to music. Interesting enough, the hits with the biggest number were related to Lady Gaga!
While music was number one in the list of people’s interests, TV shows were on the second place, accounting for 17% of the traffic. As for films, they only occupied 11%, followed by gaming content that accounted for 10% and, in the end, news could only boast 9% of the traffic.
As for the figures that anyone can understand, the report provides the following: first of all, watching videos takes British users about 240 million hours every month from their time. For example, YouTube alone accounts for over 180 million hours from that watching time.
Meanwhile, the report is also very edificatory about the social networking services – it reveals that websites like Facebook and Twitter occupy approximately 800 million hours from British users’ time. At the moment, Google and Facebook are followed by YouTube in terms of popularity in the United Kingdom.

Source . Extra