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31 May 2011

Microsoft Will Personalize Online Searches

Microsoft is trying to make the rapidly growing flood of information on the Internet more structured, user-friendly, and accessible. In order to do so, it launches its new personalized search engine called Emporia.
A team of 5 developers from Microsoft scientists are reported to be working in Cambridge over a new intelligent search engine, which would be able to learn and reveal search results depending on the user’s individual needs. One of the Microsoft managers, Ralf Herbrich, has updated attendees at the conference in Germany, bringing a prototype of the search engine.
The service works the following way: in order to tell whether the data is relevant for an individual user, the new intelligent engine analysis information contained in the posts on their social networking services, such as Facebook and Twitter. The developers claim that the role of knowledge and specific experience they can receive from all social networks is becoming more and more important.

The prototype of the search engine Emporia presented at the conference was ready to use on the mobile phones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. Moreover, the engine is already in the top 10 applications on Microsoft’s Marketplace. The service is reported to be able to analyze news online streams, search for keywords and key categories of the information, and filter the interesting stories. Emporia’s users are further able to refine an original list of hits by following individuals and sites.
Microsoft believes that personalized appraisal, if combined with cross-referencing personal information, can eventually result in the better hit lists that are more relevant to the users’ personal interests.