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29 March 2009

Kathmandu and rock music...

The Kathmandu valley is the musical center of Rock, Blues and Metal scene in Nepal. Many new Metal bands has emerged around in Kathmandu valley since the KtmRocks started. Most of these bands are highly influenced by the foreign metal. These bands play gigs from time to time in the underground scene.These days Jazz and Blues has been highly appreciated by the Nepali music lovers.Upstairs Ideas is promoting the Jazz scene in Nepal
Along with Cadenza band And Nekhvam Rendezvous is promoting the Blues scene in Nepal along with the Nekhvam band. The rock, Blues, Jazz and metal scenes are evolving in Nepal with much improvement in quality and performance. Many bands emerged after the 20th century with genres like alternative, progressive, punk, etc. but most of the bands are unable to exist in the musical environment of Nepal.
The most prominent Rock artists/band in Nepal are 1974 AD, Nepathya, Mukti and Revival, Robin and the new revolution (Robin, from the band Robin and Looza), Looza (minus Robin) , The Shadows, X-mantra etc.